Introduction to Permaculture Design

30th March 2019

At Irish Seed Savers Association, County Clare

I’m looking foward to what’s now an annual trip down to Irish Seed Savers Association in County Clare.

This 1 day workshop is a part of the seasonal ‘big weekend workshops’ at ISS. It is a short introduction to using Permaculture design for your own garden-homestead design and development. I’m always impressed and encouraged to meet another group of interested people looking to take the first steps into managing some land more gently and in harmony with nature. We’ll cover the basic concepts and patterns of Permacultre design and how to apply them, along with some more detailed information on practical techniques and appraches. While there is no actual ‘practical’ element to this course, in usual Permie style it is experiential and interactive to give you a real taste of the design process and enable you to get started on your own plot.

For more details on this course, and booking go to Irish Seed Savers Website.

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