Earthcare – sustainability in an Irish Climate

Earthcare uses Permaculture design together with practical experience of organic farming, gardening and community, to provide insight and design for practical and applicable ways of living sustainably in an Irish climate.

There is a huge body of published works available on Permaculture both in print and online. With 10 years of research, learning and practice of Permaculture design Earthcare brings that information to life, with action and commitment. We use a grounded, comprehensive approach to ‘whole systems design’ based on thorough observation of the needs of a site and its inhabitants and stewards.

Hannah Mole teaches sustainability in an Irish climate

Hannah Mole teaches sustainability in an Irish Climate

About Hannah Mole

Hannah connected into Permaculture design through growing up on a mixed Organic farm in the West of Ireland. After university she wanted to return to a hands-on, nature-based way of life. She spent some time traveling and helping out on a variety of projects across France through a couple of work exchange organisations – WWOOF and ‘Help-ex’ .

During this time she was introduced to Permaculture and spent 2 years working on a full scale Permaculture farm in the South of France. Teachers there encouraged her to attend some official permaculture training. She was hooked into a positive system of structured, yet flexible ‘solution thinking’ and there was no going back.

Since then, Hannah has been awarded a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design from the UK Permaculture Association. She has completed an Advanced Permaculture Design course, Training of Permaculture Teachers course and Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). Hannah has also completed a number of skill-specific courses such as Regenerative Agriculture, Forest Gardening, Organic Market Gardening and Organic Seed Production.

Hannah’s continuous practice has given her extensive teaching experience across Ireland. She also has the practical experience that comes with co-managing her family land-base in Roscommon. This experience has included work with Animal Systems, Forestry, Food Production, and Natural Building.

Well I dreamed of my future big time, yeah

What it would be like to always have clean water

And if you left the trees standing

And they filtered the air and we breathed it in deeply…

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