Earthcare – sustainability in an Irish Climate

Earthcare uses Permaculture design together with practical experience of organic farming, gardening and community, to provide insight and design for practical and applicable ways of living sustainably in an Irish climate.

There is a huge body of published works available on Permaculture both in print and online. With 10 years of research, learning and practice of Permaculture design Earthcare brings that information to life, with action and commitment. We use a grounded, comprehensive approach to ‘whole systems design’ based on thorough observation of the needs of a site and its inhabitants and stewards.

About Hannah

Hannah brings a unique skillset to her design and teaching work as she  draws on:

  • 10 + years of applied Permaculture design practice across Ireland, working on public and private land and community based projects, both solo and in collaboration with other organisations.
  • 20 + years of practical experience that comes with co-managing her family land-base in Roscommon, plus 2 years volunteering at an established Permaculture farm in France.
  • Teachings from skill-specific trainings such as Regenerative Agriculture, Forest Gardening, Organic Market Gardening and Organic Seed Production to name but afew.

Hannah has been awarded a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design from the UK Permaculture Association. She has completed an Advanced Permaculture Design course, a Training of Permaculture Teachers course and Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

Earthcare is based near Strokestown, Co. Roscommon at Hannah’s home and family farm. She favours working locally in order to minimize travel costs and maximise the benefit to the local community,  she may however be tempted to venture further afield for a particularly compelling project! Remote consultancies can be an option for some sites.

Hannah Mole Permacultre Designer - Sustainability in an Irish Climate

Spending my teenage years living on my family’s  Organic farm gave me not only the practical skills but also, an understanding and deep appreciation of nature and natural systems. From an early age I was encouraged to be outdoors, playing and helping out in the garden and the pre-farm allotment. Magical childhood memories and feelings from family holiday spots in ‘the wild’ remain with me today as I seek to recreate those moments and special connections with nature through my design work.

What about ‘Shifting Baseline’ syndrome?

Humans consider the surroundings of their youth as natural and, as they age, recognize the changes to their environment as unnatural.
Children repeat the errors of their parents. Thus, as each new generation collectively adopts this perverse perspective, we lose track of the inexorable degradation of native ecosystems.  Jennifer Jacuet