Earthcare Ethics

Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fairshare are the three grounding ethics in Permaculture Design. Earthcare aims to engage these ethics through what we do and how we function as an enterprise. The world of business is generally not particularly ethical, so this is an interesting space to be in. It is a challenge, especially for a small business within the existing economic culture.

permaculture plants

To sustainably provide a reasonable livelihood for the Earthcare team and partners (People care), to continue to do this work (Earthcare), and for it to be accessible (Fairshare) Earthcare provides the following opportunities:

Here we offer the opportunity to  fund a course place, or a consultancy fee for someone who would otherwise be unable to afford it. This is inspired by the ‘Pay it Forward’ movement which imagines a ripple effect of kind and generous acts. So if you have been the beneficiary of Permaculture – pass it on!

Earthcare is conscious of the ‘8 forms of capital’ outlined by Ethan Roland of Appleseed Permaculture. In some cases, design and course fees can be flexible where part-exchanged in a combination of the 8 forms of capital, rather than purely the financial form, Earthcare accepts various currencies so get in touch if you want to engage in this.

This method is not available on quite yet.

Add an extra 10 % on the course/consultancy fee that goes to partnership with a charity which supports these ethics in less privileged communities. This option shows up when you book a course on the website or on your invoice.

If you are genuinely unable to pay for a course place or some design consultancy – even by way of the 8 forms of capital, you may be able to avail of the funds in the ‘Pay-it-Forward Bank’. Contact us for more information.

Currently there is no ethical bank or credit union operating in Ireland. Earthcare re-invests in sustainable, ethical and regenerative options through spending power wherever possible and avoids stockpiling in any financial institution.