A Growing Permaculture Ecosystem in Ireland

I’ve started making a list of the resources within the growing Permaculture eco-system in Ireland which I would like to publish as a resource on this website, and I’m thinking anyone else with a website could do the same, as in any eco-system, the more connections the better!

If you would like to be listed, in any of the below categories (or indeed a new one) please could you email me with the name of yourself/organisation and the relevant link/contact for more info. I haven’t included a category for individuals as it seems that would be endless (in a good way but perhaps that’s more specifically for the permaculture.ie map -check it out if you don’t know what I’m referring to) I think this will be a useful resource for us all.


Habitats (Places you can visit)

Design & Consultancy services


Courses & Workshops


Connecting ecosystems/Networks

Plants & Seeds

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