Growing techniques - Workshop on Permaculture Design

Typical course formats:

An ideal starting point for those of you who are interested in getting a more of an idea of what Permaculture is and how it can be used to benefit you and your group or community.

Includes an overview of some key Permaculture ideas, an exploration of how we can use them them in our everyday lives, a little hands-on practical experience, and site tour depending on the venue.


Great for anyone ready for action! A full-on introduction to the core permaculture principles and design process from a practical and applied focus. Often hosted by an inspirational Permaculture designed venue but can take place anywhere.

Residential course run in collaboration with a dynamic tutor team. Provides a thorough exploration of Permaculture in diverse contexts. Includes multiple practical workshops, visits to sites where Permaculture is being applied, group design projects or assignments, the expertise of a diversity of tutors and their teaching styles and the invaluable experience of living together on the land and in community.

Deepens your understanding of applied permaculture and gives you skills to implement Permaculture based projects on a wider scale. Suitable for beginners and more experienced alike and has often been described as ‘life changing’!

“I just wanted to personally thank you all for the amazing job you did in organising the course. Course content was intense in terms of the amount of information delivered, but totally acceptable and well planned. Delivery by main course leaders was spot on… the course and overall experience was really quite extraordinary. I feel filled with veneration for you all, what you do and how you are doing it” -Mari

Especially beneficial for existing local groups, or businesses, who can meet regularly and those who may be starting or managing a project together which we can work on and develop during the course.

This format provides lots of time for the integration of new concepts and ideas, reflection and group sharing along the learning pathway and it can help to bring to life and sustain local projects.

The PDC can take the format of a series of courses when it is run over a number of months.

For designing and developing a site with a group. This can take any of the formats outlined above, from a fun and creative ‘dream design day’, to a design-focused 2, 3 or 4 day workshop, through to a full PDC onsite which could result in a complete design for the site.

For an entirely new-to-permaculture audience, short talks and presentations from 1 – 3 hours can introduce the idea of Permaculture design.

Building on shared edges, this is especially suitable for those with any already overlapping interest – gardeners, businesses, nature-based groups, foodies, etc.

Having completed a ‘PDC’ you can continue to train in Permaculture design with a view to developing your own practice and projects and potentially becoming a professional Permaculture designer or teacher.

Hannah is registered with the Permaculture Association Britain (PAB) as a diploma tutor and provides tutorials in Ireland via the PAB diploma system. (Currently we have no Irish Permaculture certification system).

Hosting a Course:

All courses in Permaculture Design are tailored to the site and the group. If you have a specific site where you’d like to host a course, or you are an already formed group who would like to learn together, then do get in touch.

Earthcare has taught in urban, rural, private and public venues of all shapes and sizes. With a little creativity and resourcefulness courses can take place almost anywhere!

On every course, you will meet with like-minded people, have fun and leave inspired, empowered and ready for action.

“Hannah, you are a great teacher, I have had some experience in adult education and I admire how you use these educational principles in passing on your knowledge and experience, I learned so much from your talks and then from learning by doing….we were also impressed how you lead by example when it came to mucking in (literally at times) and getting on with the physical work.” -David

planting trees on a Permaculture Design course

Permaculture Design Courses

We have evolved these courses over the past 7 years based on our own observations and feedback from participants. They are fun, dynamic, interactive and thought provoking.

While each course is unique, typically we cover:

  • The main patterns, principles and theory of a Permaculture design approach; where these come from, how to identity them and how they are applied in design.
  • Using these ideas and skills in many domains: land management, food production, community projects, technology, economics and more.
  • Key practical skills that complement the permaculture approach.
  • How you can adjust your own home, community, business, landscape and lifestyle to increase resilience, productivity and have a positive environmental impact.
  • Nature awareness and re-connection.Courses in Permaculture Design

The course will often be hosted on or include a visit to a site demonstrating applied Permaculture where you can experience this approach in action. We also often invite guest tutors who bring a wealth of practical experience in their field.

“My first formal introduction to Permaculture, Course relevant, relaxed, and understandable – jargon free!”

Practical skills on a Permaculture Design course
Learning permaculture

“I really loved the course/holiday! Found the course a really good way to ‘dip a toe’ into the theory of, and then some practice of, permaculture… a complete beginner it was a great, friendly way to learn.” – Katherine


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