What’s Next for Earthcare?

2020 has been my 10th year teaching Permaculture!

Is it Time for a change?

The past 3 years since the official emergence of Earthcare as a business has seen me very busy with design and consultancy work. By re-localising my work load from the beginning of this year, (and thanks to the ‘lockdown’ in Spring) I’ve been able to put more time into both the farm here and local community projects such as Roscommon Transition Towns Local Food Producers Network.

Permaculture design skills are so greatly needed, and are in demand in all sectors. From ecological landscaping in private gardens, to community led projects, to the public sector where a climate and biodiversity emergency is recognised but effective action is slow.

I have been considering how Earthcare Permaculture Design might move from a private sole-tradership to something more community based. Something that could provide meaningful employment to more people, build local community around regenerative economy, and have the wider and greater impact that is so urgently needed. How to really uphold the 3 Permaculture Ethics in it’s structure.

Thanks to mentorship and support from lots of people over the course of this year, including Jo Sachs-Eldridge, Kathryn McCabe, and Suzie Cahn to name afew, I am almost ready to launch an invitation to get involved!

If you are interested in becoming involved in a local eco-system of Permaculture practitioners, watch this space! The next blog post will give an outline of what’s on the cards, detail opportunities and invite expressions of interest…..

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